Adriano Leverone’s work

I believe that my artistic work in ceramics is wide-ranging in production as well as in research.

My research started in 1970. With a constant commitment, I researched materials and sculpture shapes from small to large size.

My work is the result of an intense life experience, and a source of fundamental values.

I would like to trace the evolution from my early production through to the most recent one.

  1. Elements of inspiration
  2. Research on materials
  3. Lathe-made shapes
  4. Continuous lines (1972-1979)
  5. Nature (1971-1990)
  6. Apple with seeds (1984-1987)
  7. Series of columns (1994-1998)
  8. Earth and sea (1990-2005)
  9. Authorities (1999 onwards)
  10. “Penetranti
  11. Raku
  12. Bronzes
  13. Public works

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